until 15.09. Encoded Commodities. Matthias Stuchtey. Sculpture, Installation. Repro Abb.: Matthias Stuchtey, Kolonie 1, 2024, Spanplatte, Eisenvierkantrohr


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12.01. – 02.06. Kiezgedächtnis Hakenfelde. „Wir haben uns hier eine schöne kleine Welt zusammengebaut“. Ina Rommee, Stafan Krauss. Media Art, Digital Art.

The "Kiezgedächtnis Hakenfelde" exhibition in the Gotisches Haus presents over 40 video interviews in an expansive installation that blends in fascinatingly with the historic walls: People from Hakenfelde share their life stories and talk to the video artists Ina Rommee and Stefan Krauss about their neighbourhood. The variety of topics is impressive: from cultural diversity, mental health and neighbourhood to environmental issues and social justice.

02.12.2023 – 22.12.2023 Kunsthandwerklicher Weihnachtsmarkt 2023. . Mixed.

This year, the annual, popular arts and crafts Christmas market is coming to the Gotische Haus again. Look forward to the craftspeople, artists and designers who will transform the historic rooms into a place of contemplation before Christmas. You can see glass design, pewter casting, candle making, room and table decorations made of wood, handmade ceramics, Tiffany-style glass objects, knitwear, oil paintings, watercolours, porcelain and icon painting.


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