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Award Night 24.08., 19:30h


until 12.07. Nature's Veil. Gruppenausstelllung internationaler KünsterInnen mit dem Schwerpunk auf Malerei, Zeichnung und Skulptur. Juheon Cho, Beate Köhne, Susanne Piotter, Oscar Contreras Rojas, Adonis Stoantzikis


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20.07. – 29.08. Domestic Demise. BBA Photography Preis Gewinnerin 2023. Patty Caroll. Fotografie
24.08. – 31.08. One Shot Award. Internationale Gruppenausstellung der Shortlist- FotografInnen. Fotografie


30.05. – 01.06. BBA Artist Prize 2024. (Kühlhaus Berlin) Painting, Print, Work on Paper, Drawing, Watercolor, Etching, Lithography, Screen printing, Linocut, Sculpture, Installation, Performance, Textile art, Light Art, Media Art, Digital Art, Fotografie, Urban Art, Mixed.

This year's edition of the BBA Artist Prize 2024 brings together global contemporary art in a 600 m2 group exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin, a cultural asset with cult status in the capital. Featuring 22 exceptional artists from all over the world, the exhibition brings together a wide range of positions and disciplines. You will the the final short list of artists which have been selected the jury. Highlight is the winner announcement of the BBA Artist Prize 24.

23.03. – 11.05. Shades of the Night. BBA Photography Preis Gewinner 2022. Vincent van Gaalen. Fotografie. Repro Course du Sud, Vincent van Gaalen, 2023, Fotografie, Photo: Vicent van Gaalen

In the solo exhibition ‘Shades of the Night’,  BBA Gallery presents Dutch photographer Vincent van Gaalen and his photographs of natural landscapes taken at night. Since 2020, van Gaalen photographs the darkest areas of Europe equipped only with simple equipment. In these dark sceneries unaffected by light pollution, familiar worlds seem strangely removed. 'Shades of the Night' is a contemplative observation of the centuries-old friction between human urbanisation and the autonomy of nature.

Gallery Weekend Berlin

Starting with the "Day of the Tree" on Thursday, April 25, you have the unique opportunity to meet the artist Vincent van Gaalen personally. From 12:00 noon until 21:00, we would like to celebrate “World-tree-day” with a special "Late-Thursday-Event", where the gallery lights will be switched off. From 6 pm to 7 pm with a welcome glass of Prosecco at the gallery.

On Saturday, April 27 at 1 pm, you will have the opportunity to experience the public "Artist Talk", featuring a tour of the exhibition guided by the artist. Here Vincent van Gaalen gives special insights into his topics and the creative processes behind his approach. The event will also be broadcast online via Instagram, in case you cannot visit us in person.

BBA's doors will be open for you throughout the entire weekend of the Gallery Weekend Berlin: Friday 26. - Sunday 28. April, daily from 12:00 - 19:00



23.11.2023 – 03.12.2023 BBA Photography Prize 2023. Shortlist Groupshow. (Kühlhaus Berlin) Fotografie.

The 2023 edition of the BBA Photography Prize concentrates global photography into a 600m2 group exhibition, at the iconic cultural venue, Kühlhaus Berlin. Showcasing 21 exceptional photographers, selected by an acclaimed jury, the exhibition is a symphony of global narratives, and a crucial window into the soul of contemporary photography. 

04.11.2023 – 16.12.2023 The Color of Absence. Fran Forman. Fotografie. Repro Sebastiaan Sitting, Fran Forman , 2022, Fine Art Archival Pigment Print, 91 x 86 cm

Cinematic storyteller and American artist Fran Forman constructs visual narratives that articulate the deep loneliness that characterise contemporary society. The staged compositions - from different photographs of objects, locations and people - lay bare the paradox of the digital age: separation despite global interconnectedness. Drawing on the Noir tradition and Hopper’s social realism, the familiar settings within the photographs isolate their subjects, who themselves are surrounded by an air of fragility. Trapped in their own fantasies, the companionship and kinship they long for is just out of reach. 


Forman’s position as part of the baby boomer generation brings a rich understanding of socio-political changes in society to ‘The Color of Absence’. With a degree in sociology and several years spent working as a therapist, Fran Forman has developed an acute psychological sensitivity for the crises that have been steadily gaining ground in America since the 1960s. In her bleak settings,  all generations feel the personal effects of growing societal polarisation. Remarkably, the artist readily implements new technological advancements into her practice, with AI as another tool in her inventory.


BBA Gallery discovered Forman through the 2022 BBA Artist Prize shortlist. ‘The Color of Absence’ marks her first solo exhibition in Berlin.

12.09.2023 – 27.10.2023 Burning Bright in the Forest of the Night. Katarina Kudelova. Sculpture, Performance. Repro Sincères régulations , Katarina Kudelova, 2023, Sculpture: firecrackers, candles , 42 x 60 x 28

During Berlin Art Week in September 2023, BBA Gallery will be presenting the Slovak artist Katarina Kudelova and her solo exhibition “Burning Bright in the Forest of the Night”. The title of the show is a direct reference to the poem “The Tyger” by William Blake from 1794 and its concept of opposition. As the 1st Prize winner of the BBA Artist Prize 2022 group exhibition, Katarina Kudelova blew the jury away with her ceramic sculptures and firecracker-based performance pieces.


19.05.2023 – 15.07.2023 Beyond Solitude. Giulietta Coates. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Mixed.

Beyond Solitude is the first solo exhibition of British artist Giulietta Coates at BBA Gallery. On display is a selection of her œuvre from the last 4 years. The fragments of landscapes embedded in wood reveal the vast mountainous landscapes of Haute Provence, where the artist lives and works.

25.04.2023 – 06.05.2023 BBA Artist Prize (Kühlhaus Berlin)
03.03.2023 – 05.05.2023 Six Degrees of Copenhagen. European Month of Photography. Jens Juul. Fotografie.

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