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until 07.07. Hamburger Hafen und Norddeutsche Küste. Alfred Ehrhardt, Rolf Tietgens. Fotografie. Repro Hamburger Hafen, Alfred Ehrhardt, 1930er Jahre, Silbergelatinepapier, 49 x 32,5 cm

Rolf Tietgens (1911–84) is regarded one of the most important photographers of the 1930s, but only a handful of people in Germany are familiar with his oeuvre. His work fell into obscurity after he emigrated to New York at the end of 1938, threatened with persecution as a homosexual artist in Germany. Since he never returned to his homeland, his body of work remained forgotten for quite some time. Today his book Der Hafen (The Port), published by the renowned Heinrich Ellermann Verlag in 1939 to mark the 750th anniversary celebrations of the port of Hamburg, has to be considered one of the preeminent photo books of the 1930s. It can be regarded as the most sophisticated elaboration of this subject matter in the history of German photography.


The ALFRED EHRHARDT STIFTUNG is committed to promoting the study of the work of Alfred Ehrhardt, a photographer, documentary filmmaker and outstanding representative of the New Objectivity movement. The foundation was established in November 2002 by the artist’s son, the Munich investment manager Dr. Jens Ehrhardt, in order to preserve his father’s artistic legacy and estate—which includes drawings, graphic works, photographs, negatives, films and papers—and make it available to a wide public.

In addition, the foundation focuses on historical photographers from Alfred Ehrhardt’s milieu, and in particular on contemporary photography and media art. Exhibitions have a special dialogical approach, which provides an encounter between Alfred Ehrhardt’s photographic and film-based art and contemporary positions addressing themes intrinsic to his work—»nature« and the »construct of the natural.« This dialogue is then continued in the form of events and discussions and is recapitulated in accompanying publications.


13.07. – 08.09. Imagine Another Perspective. Mandy Barker, Caleb Charland, Maija Tammi. Media Art, Digital Art, Fotografie. Repro Orange Battery, Caleb Charland, 50 x 61 cm

A group exhibition with Mandy Barker, Caleb Charland, and Maija Tammi. Curated by Peggy Sue Amison.


13.01. – 07.04. 33 Licht. Jan Scheffler. Fotografie. Repro B 68.287° L 14.016°, Lofoten / Norwegen, Jan Scheffler, Inkjet-Print, 60 x 60 cm

For twenty years, Jan Scheffler has travelled to northern Europe, especially to Iceland, Norway, and Finland to make photographs, longing for the silence and the light characterizing these pristine landscapes. It is not just the grandiosity of nature, one still nearly untouched by mankind, that fascinates the traveler to the north, but also the light that illuminates the landscape. The radiant light of the north leaves an indelible mark.


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