A place that has grown over the centuries.

The historic cellar belonged to a patrician house that can be traced back to 1464. It was home to a succession of particularly wealthy families from the town of Spandau, including several mayors. In the 18th century, it was converted into a palace for the royal regimental commanders and remained associated above all with Prince Henry of Prussia. The building then served as a guest house and court until it was destroyed by a bomb in 1944. In the 1950s, the remains were removed, and the cellar filled in. It was only when the new building, which housed a cinema and a food market, was demolished in 1987 that the cellar was rediscovered. It was archaeologically examined and was preserved when the new residential building was constructed, so that it can now be used as a very special art gallery.


02.08. – 22.09. Phantoms (Beyond Spandau). Dana Arieli


17.05. – 14.07. Made Of Innocent Crime. Dana Melaver, Branislav Jankic. Sculpture, Performance, Media Art, Fotografie. Repro Abb.: „Made of Innocent Crime“ © Dana Melaver, Branislav Jankic

Branislav Jankic and Dana Melaver have developed complex artistic approaches and forms of expression to explore different interpretations of the “self” and possibilities of its representation. The body plays a central role in this exploration. Questions about its essence and its physical as well as metaphysical boundaries are examined through video, photography, sculpture, and performance. Biographical and geopolitical contexts are equally important for understanding the context.

01.09.2023 – 05.11.2023 Hide and Seek. Isabella Chydenius. Textile art, Media Art. Repro Isabella Chydenius o.T. 2023, Photo: © Isabella Chydenius

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