Führungen, Austausch, Spiel 15.06., 10h–19h
Kurator*innenführung 15.06., 12h–13h
Interaktives Spiel 15.06., 14h–16h
Kurator*innenführung 15.06., 14h–16h
Kurator*innenführung 15.06., 15h–16h
Kurator*innenführung 15.06., 16h–17h


until 31.12. Installation für freies Spiel von Kerstin Brätsch. Kerstin Brätsch. (Westflügel des Erdgeschosses) Installation. Repro Fossil Psychic for Christa (Stucco Marmo) (Detail), Kerstin Brätsch, 2019, Photo: Foto: Daniele Molajoli

Conceived as a pilot project by Kerstin Brätsch, a freely accessible play space will open in September 2024 in the west wing of the ground floor, then grow over the next several years and expand into the outdoor area. Inspired by The Model (1968), an adventure playground installed by the artist Palle Nielsen at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, it will become a installation for children, a place where more things are allowed than forbidden. Here, accompanied by playworkers, children can spend time in their own way.

until 22.07. Circles of Light. Experimente mit Sound, Bild und Objekten 1966 – 1986. Nancy Holt. Sculpture, Performance, Media Art, Urban Art, Mixed. Repro Nancy Holt, Electrical System, 1982, installation view (detail), Gropius Bau, 2024, Nancy Holt, Photo: © Holt/Smithson Foundation, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024, courtesy: Sprüth Magers, photo: Luis Kürschner

Over the course of five decades, Nancy Holt explored how we perceive our environment and how we attempt to understand our place on the surface of this planet. From March 2024, the Gropius Bau presents Circles of Light (AT), the artist’s most comprehensive survey exhibition in Germany to date. It includes film, video, photography, sound works, concrete poetry, sculptures and expansive installations as well as drawings and documentation from over 25 years.

until 21.07. Pallavi Paul. How Love Moves. Pallavi Paul. Sculpture, Performance, Mixed. Repro Filmstill, Pallavi Paul, 2023, Photo: © Pallavi Paul

With How Love Moves, the Gropius Bau presents the first major institutional solo exhibition of Pallavi Paul. As an artist and film scholar, Paul engages the camera as her primary tool to interrogate how regimes of “truth” are produced and sustained in public life. Through her multimedia practice encompassing film, installation, performance, drawing, photography and writing, she negotiates the documentary not only conjured as film or image – but as an ecology of materials, a network of alliances, a system of thought and a site of sensation.

until 14.07. Radical Playgrounds: From Competition to Collaboration. Ein Kunstparcours am Gropius Bau. Edgar Calel, Alice Chauchat, Céline Condorelli, Massimo Furlan, Florentina Holzinger, Ingela Ihrman, Martin Kaltwasser, Agnieszka Kurant, Joar Nango, Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Tomás Saraceno, Mariana Telleria, Raul Walch, Irad Verkron, The School of Mutants , The Playground Project . (Parking lot in front of the Gropius Bau) Installation, Urban Art, Mixed. Repro Play for Today, Céline Condorelli, 2022, Photo: Photograph by Caroline Douau

Public space is also a relation between strangers. A place that not only unites, but also reveals what divides us. City playgrounds are particularly significant public realms because it is here that the tension between rules and freedom, the familiar and the unknown, borders and transgression, the present and the future, risk and security are constantly negotiated.

Curated by Joanna Warsza and Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius
Architecture: raumlaborberlin


The Gropius Bau is one of the most important exhibition halls in Europe. Located in the centre of Berlin, the Gropius Bau presents widely acclaimed exhibitions of contemporary and modern art, as well as performances, workshops, discourse and film screenings. Its programme focuses on opening up the institution, making it a space for artistic creation, community and dialogue.


06.03. Ein Nachmittag im Lichthof. Installation, Performance. Repro Lichthof, Gropius Bau , 2024

A Glimpse into Jenny Schlenzka’s Upcoming Programme – with a Thaipark Cooking Session after Rirkrit Tiravanija, Yeşim Duman, Andrea Geyer and Nkisi

11.11.2023 – 14.01. her0. Selma Selman. Installation, Performance. Repro Platinum, Performance, Selma Selman, 2021, Photo: National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo photo: Damir Šagolj

Beginning 11 November 2023, the Gropius Bau presents her0, a presentation by visual artist Selma Selman. At its core lies the development of her performance Motherboards (2023–ongoing), in which Selman and members of her family dismantle electronic waste. Challenging oversimplified and racialised narratives, the performance offers palpable insights into dynamics of power around the notion of sustainability. 

28.09.2023 – 21.12.2023 The Singing Project. Offenes Singen mit Ayumi Paul. Ayumi Paul. Sculpture, Performance, Urban Art, Mixed. Repro The Singing Project, installation view, Gropius Bau, Ayumi Paul, 2022, Photo: © Gropius Bau, photo: Luca Girardini

In 2023 Ayumi Paul will further activate The Singing Project – following the cycle of the moon – through open workshops around the year’s changes of seasons.

22.09.2023 – 14.01. General Idea. Felix Partz, Jorge Zontal, AA Bronson. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Textile art, Media Art, Fotografie, Mixed. Repro P is for Poodle, General Idea, 1983/89, Photo: © General Idea, Foto: General Idea Archives, Berlin, courtesy: die Künstler

Challenging both the art world and society at large, General Idea remain a lastingly influential artist group whose groundbreaking practice spans 25 years. In the most comprehensive retrospective on the trio ever produced, the Gropius Bau presents more than 200 works from the late 1960s to the early 1990s.

10.08.2023 – 27.08.2023 Apis Gropius. Eine Augmented Reality Experience im Lichthof des Gropius Bau. Ana Prvački. Mixed. Repro Apis Gropius, Ana Prvački, 2022, gestaltet von NEEEU , Photo: © Ana Prvački

Apis Gropius (2022) is an augmented reality experience by Ana Prvački. Inspired by the botanical motifs embedded in the Gropius Bau’s architecture, the artist invented a new species of bees, Apis Gropius, which leads visitors on an immersive tour through the atrium.

31.07.2023 – 14.01. Soundshapes. In Between Frequencies. Kapwani Kiwanga, Janine Jembere. Performance, Media Art, Mixed. Repro Untitled (from the series Residence Time), Janine Jembere, 2013, Photo: Courtesy: the artist

Soundshapes – In Between Frequencies activates the two entrances of the Gropius Bau with sound works by Kapwani Kiwanga and Janine Jembere. Drawing from the potential of porosity, this architectural intervention challenges the monumentality and statics of the building in an attempt to destabilise the divide between interior and exterior. Soundshapes – In Between Frequencies is conceived and curated by Julia Grosse and Carolin Köchling.

09.07.2023 – 25.11.2023 becoming neighbours. hn. lyonga. Painting, Print, Performance, Mixed

becoming neighbours ist eine Reihe von vier Workshops. Der erste Workshop ist ein Versuch, einen Raum für die Abwesenden zu schaffen und sich mit der Durchlässigkeit institutioneller Räume zu befassen. Der zweite Workshop greift Möglichkeiten des Zusammenkommens und des gemeinsamen Ausruhens als Akt des Widerstands auf. Der dritte Workshop nimmt Bezug auf Praktiken der Landwirtschaft und des Pflanzens. Der letzte Workshop befasst sich mit der zeremoniellen Tradition des Schreibens als Ritual.

01.06.2023 – 14.01. Künstliche Intelligenz im Gropius Bau. Ein Programm zu Künstlicher Intelligenz. K Allado McDowell, Elisa Giardina Papa, Mimi Ọnụọha, Patricia Domínguez, kennedy+swan, Maya Indira Ganesh. Media Art, Mixed. Repro 2023, Photo: Design: Julia Volkmar – Studio for Spatial & Graphic Design

Taking place both online and offline, the Gropius Bau’s first programme on artificial intelligence (AI) focuses on AI’s utopian and poetic possibilities. From June 2023, the first part of the programme, Ether’s Bloom, kicks off a sequence of new projects including a Writer in Residence, artistic explorations, a podcast, lectures and conversations. The development of an app with a special focus on education and accessibility forms the programme’s second part.

29.04.2023 Mangrove Sunset. Im Rahmen der Ausstellung: Daniel Boyd: RAINBOW SERPENT (VERSION) . Asad Raza, Manthia Diawara, Rhea Dillon, Sylvie Glissant, Olga Hohmann, Prem Krishnamurthy, Djon Mundine. Mixed. Repro Ohne Titel, Daniel Boyd, 2016 , Photo: Courtesy: Fondation Boghossian, Foto: Lola Pertsowsky

Mangrove Sunset is a six-hour composition of sound, language, and fading light inspired by poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant, taking place free of charge as part of the exhibition Daniel Boyd: RAINBOW SERPENT (VERSION).

Date: Saturday, 29.4.2023: 18:00-23:55

On 29.04. the exhibitions in the Gropius Bau will remain open until 18:00. With the beginning of the event, the exhibitions are closed. However, the house will remain open for the event.

06.04.2023 – 13.08.2023 Indigo Waves and Other Stories. Re-Navigating the Afrasian Sea and Notions of Diaspora. Kelani Abass, Malala Andrialavidrazana, Shiraz Bayjoo, Rossella Biscotti, M’barek Bouhchichi, Nikhil Chopra, Köken Ergun, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Clara Jo, Jasmine Nilani Joseph, Jeewi Lee, Lavanya Mani, Oscar Murillo, Dominic Sansoni, Jennifer Tee, Jack Beng-Thi, Sim Chi Yin. Mixed.

Taking the stories and histories of the Indian Ocean as its departure point, the group exhibition Indigo Waves and Other Stories: Re-Navigating the Afrasian Sea and Notions of Diaspora investigates the links between the continents of Africa and Asia.

24.03.2023 – 09.07.2023 Rainbow Serpent (Version). Daniel Boyd. Painting, Print. Repro Untitled (Paita), Daniel Boyd, 2022, Photo: courtesy: der Künstler und Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

Rainbow Serpent (Version) is the most comprehensive exhibition of Daniel Boyd’s artistic practice in Europe to date. It provides an overview of Boyd’s image-making that counters the colonial narrative of Australia’s history, engages transnational networks of resistance, Indigenous knowledge production and personal family histories, which he reflects in relation to the context and architecture of the Gropius Bau.

20.03.2023 – 01.10.2023 The Singing Project. Ayumi Paul. Performance, Mixed. Repro The Singing Project, Installationsansicht, Gropius Bau, Ayumi Paul, 2022, 2022, Photo: © Gropius Bau, Foto: Luca Girardini

The Singing Project ist eine kollektive Praxis und singende Skulptur von Ayumi Paul, Artist in Residence 2022 des Gropius Bau. Das Projekt setzt sich in diesem Jahr durch eine Reihe offener Workshops und Praxisnotizen, die im frei zugänglichen Bereich des Ausstellungshauses installiert werden, fort. Der erste Workshop im März steht in Resonanz zum Frühlingsbeginn.

19.11.2022 – 29.01.2023 Of Whales. Wu Tsang. Sculpture. Repro Of Whales, Wu Tsang, 2022, Photo: Courtesy: Wu Tsang, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin; Antenna Space, Shanghai; Cabinet, London © Nicholas Turki

Of Whales is derived from Wu Tsang’s multidisciplinary research around Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick (1851). In the atrium of the Gropius Bau, surreal ocean environments are dynamically regenerated in real time by a virtual reality game engine. A 16-channel score blends horns, saxophone, clarinet and contrabass, unleashing a soundscape that fills the entire space and invites viewers to states of natural flux.

16.09.2022 – 15.01.2023 Yoyi! . Care, Repair, Heal. Eva Koťátkovás, Pierre Adler, Brook Andrew, Kader Attia, Tosh Basco, Mohamed Bourouissa, Andrea Büttner, Lavant Chaudhary, Lygia Clark, André Eugène, Artemisia Gentileschi, Johanna Hedva, Jilamara Arts, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Eva Kot’átková, Betty Muf. Sculpture, Mixed. Repro On Silence, Kader Attia, 2021 , Photo: courtesy of the artist, commissioned by Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, photo: Markus Elbaus

Featuring the diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives of 26 artists, Yoyi! Care, Repair, Heal addresses issues such as the politics of health, the resilience of Indigenous knowledge systems, forms of kinship, fair land use and its distribution, decoloniality and the rights of the non-human, all entangled with various concepts of care, repair and healing.

27.08.2022 Lange Nacht der Museen. Mixed

Der Gropius Bau bleibt anlässlich der Langen Nacht der Museen bis 02:00 Uhr geöffnet – mit der Ausstellung Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child, Ana Prvačkis Augmented-Reality-Experience Apis Gropius, Kurzführungen, kulinarischen Erfahrungen und einem Kleidertausch von und mit JuGroBa.

Samstag, 27.8.2022: 18:00 bis 28.08. 02:00

Preise: 18€/ ermäßigt 12€, freier Eintritt für Kinder bis 12 Jahre

04.08.2022 – 07.08.2022 Back Home. Henrike Naumann. Performance

Henrike Naumanns Installation 2000 war als Teil einer Gruppenausstellung im PinchukArtCentre in Kyiv zu sehen, als Russland die Großinvasion in der Ukraine begann. Nach ihrer Evakuierung wird die Arbeit nun in wieder zusammengesetzten Teilen vom 4. bis 7. August im Gropius Bau zugänglich gemacht. 

Freitag, 5.8.2022: 10:00 bis 14:00

Samstag, 6.8.2022: 10:00 bis 19:00

Sonntag, 7.8.2022: 10:00 bis 19:00

Treffpunkt: Gropius Bau

Eintritt frei

22.07.2022 – 23.10.2022 The Woven Child. Louise Bourgeois. Sculpture, Textile art, Mixed. Repro Spider, 1997 , Photo: © The Easton Foundation/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022, Foto: Erika Ede

The Woven Child is the first major survey to focus exclusively on Louise Bourgeois’ fabric-based works. The exhibition charts the artists’ lifelong connection to textiles, and the memories they conjure, through a diverse body of sculptures, installations, drawings, collages, books and prints.

02.07.2022 Traurige Mangroven und das Plastik im Meer. . Ein Gespräch mit Petra Beck und Susanne Kriemann,. (Treffpunkt: Nordvestibühl) Mixed

Foto und Geheimnis – dieses Thema entwickelten die Schüler*innen der 48. Grundschule in Berlin-Pankow für ihren Beitrag zur Ausstellung Takeover. Dafür wählten sie Susanne Kriemanns Serie Mngrv (2018–2020) aus. Heute sprechen die Künstlerin Susanne Kriemann und die Ethnografin Petra Beck entlang von Kinderbüchern, die alle eine im Meer verschollene Plastikente als Hauptfigur haben, mit kleinen und großen Besucher*innen über das sich verändernde Verhältnis zum Meer.

10.06.2022 – 14.08.2022 Takeover. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Mixed. Repro Takeover

Takeover invites children to take on the role of curators. Featuring works by international artists, the exhibition curated and realised by Berlin primary school students is now on view on the ground floor of the Gropius Bau.

01.05.2022 Gropius Bau in- und auswendig - Inside and Out. . Mixed

Den Gropius Bau und seine Architektur neu entdecken: Die Architekturführung lädt zu einer ganzheitlichen Erkundung des Gebäudes ein – Strukturen, Oberflächen und Ornamente stehen ebenso im Fokus wie die bewegte Geschichte von Zerstörung, Wiederaufbau und deutscher Teilung.

Eintritt frei (begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl) 

29.04.2022 – 30.04.2022 Meet a Friend. Mixed

Die Gropius Bau Friends sind an mehreren Tagen der Woche Ansprechpartner*innen vor Ort im Gropius Bau. Sie vermitteln die Ausstellungen individuell und haben ein offenes Ohr für die Besucher*innen. In der Reihe „Meet a Friend“ – die zum Gallery Weekend Berlin Premiere hat – stellt sich ein*e Friend am jeweiligen Lieblingsort im Gropius Bau vor. Dort stehen sie einen Nachmittag lang zu Gesprächen über ein persönlich ausgewähltes Thema und in verschiedenen Sprachen zur Verfügung. 

29.04.2022 – 01.05.2022 Streifzüge. Überblicksführung zu den aktuellen Ausstellungen im Gropius Bau (in deutscher Sprache). Mixed

Das Haus als Ganzes erfahren: Die einstündige Überblicksführung verrät mehr über die programmatische Ausrichtung des Gropius Bau und stellt zentrale Arbeiten der aktuell laufenden Ausstellungen sowie das Projekt In House: Artist in Residence vor. Sie bietet so einen Ausgangspunkt, um den Ausstellungsbesuch anschließend individuell zu vertiefen.

Eintritt frei (begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl) 


25.03.2022 – 12.06.2022 Beirut and the Golden Sixties. A Manifesto of Fragility
18.03.2022 – 07.08.2022 Dancing with my Camera. Dayanita Singh. Fotografie. Repro Let’s See, DayanitaSingh, 2021, Photo: © Dayanita Singh

Since the 1980s, Dayanita Singh has pioneered a genre-defying approach to photography that pushes the limits of the medium. Dancing with my Camera presents the major phases of the internationally renowned artist’s oeuvre, from her earliest works through today. Along with key past works, including her “museums”, the new project, Let’s See, is especially realised for the Gropius Bau exhibition.

26.11.2021 – 13.03.2022 Zanele Muholi. Fotografie. Repro Bona, Charlottesville, Zanele Muholi, 2015, Fotografie, Gelatinesilberdruck auf Papier, 800 × 503 mm, Photo: © Zanele Muholi, erworben mit Mitteln des Africa Acquisitions Committee 2017

Zanele Muholi self-identifies as a visual activist and has been documenting the life of Black LGBTQIA+ communities since the early 2000s in intimate and powerful photographs across South Africa and beyond. From 26 November 2021 to 13 March 2022, the Gropius Bau will host Muholi’s first major survey in Germany.

04.11.2021 – 28.02.2022 Serafine1369. A Continual Cry.

The video installation A Continual Cry explores liveness in the absence of the performer’s live presence. Programmed so as not to repeat, the video is a jarring, fragmented work, ever unfolding in the here and now.

20.10.2021 – 06.03.2022 Ámà. The Gathering Place. Emeka Ogboh. Repro Akwete cubes, Emeka Ogboh, Photo: © Emeka Ogboh

From October 2021, a site-specific installation by artist Emeka Ogboh occupies the Gropius Bau’s vast atrium, which is freely accessible without an entry price, welcoming all visitors to the very center of the building.

15.10.2021 – 16.01.2022 Raum malen. Painting, Sculpture. Repro Flagranti (Detail), Schirin Kretschmann, 2010, Photo: Schirin Kretschmann

"Painting Space" brings together a variety of contemporary artists exploring the materiality of painting and its relationship with space. Existing works sit alongside new commissions created especially for this show, inviting visitors to experience painting both visually and physically.

19.09.2021 – 16.01.2022 all building as making. Thea Djordjadze. Sculpture, Textile art. Repro oneissopublicandtheothersoprivate (Detail), Thea Djordjadze, 2019, Photo: Reto Kaufmann

Thea Djordjadze’s artistic practice can be understood as a process of continually reusing, reconfiguring and rearranging objects. Starting on 10 September 2020, the Gropius Bau presents existing and newly created works by the Berlin-based artist, whose sculptures and interventions engage in a dialogue with the historic building.

17.09.2021 – 09.01.2022 The Cool and the Cold. Malerei aus den USA und der UdSSR 1960–1990. Sammlung Ludwig. Andy Warhol, Erik Bulatov, Ivan Čujkov, Helen Frankenthaler, Jasper Johns, Ilja Kabakov, Lee Lozano, Natalja Nesterova, Viktor Pivovarov, Jackson Pollock, u.a. Painting, Sculpture, Fotografie. Repro Hopeless, Roy Lichtenstein, 1963, Acryl auf Leinwand, 177,8 x 152,4 cm, Photo: Kunstmuseum Basel, Martin P. Bühler

In the year marking the 30th anniversary of German reunification, the Gropius Bau will host a group exhibition uniting paintings created during the Cold War in both centres of global political power, including works by Andy Warhol, Il’ja Kabakov, Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler and Erik Bulatov.

21.06.2021 – 12.09.2021 Wanwu Council 萬物社. Zheng Bo. Media Art, Urban Art, Mixed. Repro What Do the Trees Want?, Zheng Bo, 2020, Photo: Laura Fiorio

As In House: Artist in Residence 2020, the artist and theoretician Zheng Bo embarked on the question of how plants practice politics. In 2021, his exhibition "Wanwu Council 萬物社" will expand upon themes that Zheng Bo worked on during his one-year residency at the Gropius Bau.

07.06.2021 – 26.09.2021 Takeover . Plastik hört auf Pilz. Sculpture, Mixed

Die Welt aus Kinderaugen sehen und verstehen – diesem Wunsch folgt die Ausstellung Takeover. Sie ist eine Zusammenarbeit des Gropius Bau mit der Stiftung Brandenburger Tor, der Kulturstiftung der Berliner Sparkasse.

28.05.2021 – 17.10.2021 Everything Is Just for a While. 70 Jahre Festspielgeschichte neu betrachtet. Media Art, Mixed

Für diese Ausstellung wurden ca. 1000 Stunden Filmmaterial aus öffentlichen und privaten Archiven gesichtet. Daraus wurden über 5 Stunden in Bild und Ton restauriert und zu drei Videoinstallationen montiert, die sowohl Nachrichten, Diskurs und Kunst aus 70 Jahren zeigen. Die 3-Kanal-Videoinstallation, die sich Kunstpositionen aus allen Festivalbereichen widmet (260'), reist chronologisch durch die Berliner Festspielgeschichte und wird zweimal täglich gezeigt.

29.04.2021 – 15.08.2021 Kosmos weben. Hella Jongerius. Print, Sculpture. Repro Woven Cosmos – Woven Window, Hella Jongerius, 2020, Photo: Magdalena Lepka

At the heart of Hella Jongerius’s artistic practice is the connection between industry and craft as well as traditional knowledge and technology. In spring 2021, the Gropius Bau will present a solo exhibition devoted to the artist and designer that will continue to develop over the course of time.

23.04.2021 – 15.08.2021 A Bouquet of Love I Saw in the Universe. Yayoi Kusama. Painting, Sculpture, Fotografie. Repro Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field, Yayoi Kusama, 1965

Yayoi Kusama is one of the world’s most important contemporary artists. In March 2021, the Gropius Bau will devote the first comprehensive retrospective in Germany to Kusama’s work. Presented across almost 3000 m², the exhibition will offer an overview of the key periods in her oeuvre, which spans more than 70 years, and feature a number of current works as well as a newly realised Infinity Mirror Room.

25.03.2021 – 12.02.2022 Beirut and the Golden Sixties. A Manifesto of Fragility. Repro Untitled, Aref El Rayess, 1977 – 78, Oil on canvas, 80 x 110 cm, Photo: Courtesy Saradar Collection, © The Estate of Aref El Rayess

Beirut and the Golden Sixties: A Manifesto of Fragility revisits a dazzling yet disconcerting chapter in Beirut’s modern history bookended by the late 1950s and the late 1970s, corresponding to the Lebanon crisis of 1958 and the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975. The exhibition traces the complicated relationship between Beirut’s artistic cosmopolitanism and the surrounding trans-regional and political antagonisms.

16.10.2020 – 10.01.2021 Masculinities. Liberation through Photography. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Fotografie, Textile art, Media Art, Urban Art, Mixed. Repro Untitled, Sunil Gupta, 1976, Photo: © Sunil Gupta & VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019, Courtesy: der Künstler & Hales Gallery
05.09.2020 – 01.11.2020 11. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst. Der Riss beginnt im Inneren. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Fotografie, Textile art, Media Art, Performance, Urban Art, Mixed.
13.08.2020 – 13.09.2020 Down to Earth. Klima, Kunst und Diskurs unplugged. Mixed

Ausgehend von Bruno Latours gleichnamigem Essay widmet sich das Kunst-, Aufführungs- und Diskursprojekt „Down to Earth“ einem System, in dem unser Verhalten auf einzigartige Weise mit den Einwirkungen vieler anderer Akteur*innen verbunden ist: „der tausendfach gefalteten Erde“.

10.07.2020 – 13.12.2020 There’s No Such Thing as Solid Ground. Otobong Nkanga. Painting, Sculpture, Performance
27.03.2020 – 12.07.2020 禮 Li, Geschenke und Rituale. Mingwei Lee. Sculpture, Mixed
07.02.2020 – 19.07.2020 Six Songs, Swirling Gracefully in the Taut Air. Akinbode Akinbiyi. Fotografie
12.09.2019 – 19.01.2020 Durch Mauern Gehen. Jose Dávila, Mona Hatoum, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Christian Odzuck, Anri Sala, Regina Silveira
04.09.2019 – 12.01.2020 There is no nonviolent way to look at somebody. Wu Tsang. Sculpture, Fotografie, Textile art, Media Art
26.07.2019 – 01.12.2019 Garten der irdischen Freuden. Pipilotti Rist, Rashid Johnson, Maria Theresa Alvez, Uriel Orlow, Jumana Manna, Taro Shinoda, Heather Phillipson. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Fotografie, Textile art, Media Art, Performance
06.06.2019 – 22.09.2019 They Died Laughing. Bani Abidi. Painting, Print, Fotografie, Media Art
25.04.2019 – 28.07.2019 The Black Image Corporation. Theaster Gates. Theaster Gates, . Fotografie
22.03.2019 – 23.06.2019 Museum im Kopf. Künstler*innenbücher - Buchhandlung Walther König. Print, Fotografie, Mixed
22.03.2019 – 16.06.2019 And Berlin Will Always Need You. Kunst, Handwerk und Konzept Made in Berlin. Nevin Aladağ, Leonor Antunes, Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann, Mariechen Danz, Haris Epaminonda, Theo Eshetu, Olaf Holzapfel, Dorothy Iannone, Antje Majewski, uvm.
29.09.2018 – 13.01.2019 Crash. Lee Bul. Sculpture
21.09.2018 – 06.01.2019 Bewegte Zeiten. Archäologie in Deutschland
14.09.2018 – 07.01.2019 Bestandsaufnahme Gurlitt. Painting
08.06.2018 – 05.08.2018 Welt ohne Außen. Immersive Räume seit den 60er Jahren. Sculpture
25.05.2018 – 05.08.2018 Philippe Parreno. Sculpture
20.04.2018 – 22.07.2018 Covered in Time and History: Die Filme von Ana Mendieta. Ana Mendieta. Media Art
09.12.2017 – 04.03.2018 Juden, Christen und Muslime. Im Dialog der Wissenschaften 500 - 1500. Mixed
29.09.2017 – 07.01.2018 Old Food. Ed Atkins. Media Art
02.09.2017 – 14.01.2018 Expressionistische Utopien . Malerei, Zeichnung, Architektur . Wiederentdeckte Moderne II. Wenzel Hablik. Painting, Textile art, Mixed
29.07.2017 – 29.10.2017 Blutiger Boden. Die Tatorte des NSU. Regina Schmeken. Fotografie
22.07.2017 – 22.10.2017 Closer. Radierungen aus der UBS Art Collection. Lucian Freud. Print
01.07.2017 – 31.07.2017 Limits of Knowing. Mixed
01.07.2017 – 31.07.2017 Rimini Protokoll. Nachlass – Pièces sans personnes. Mixed
30.06.2017 – 28.08.2017 Franz Kafka. Der ganze Prozess. Mixed
05.05.2017 – 09.07.2017 Foto . Kunst . Boulevard . Lars Berg, Daniel Biskup, Michel Comte, Esther Haase, Attila Hartwig, Meiko Herrmann, Kiki Kausch, Tom Lemke, Kevin Lynch, Michaelis Christoph. Fotografie
20.04.2017 – 03.07.2017 Enjoy Your Life! Juergen Teller. Fotografie
12.04.2017 – 05.11.2017 Der Luthereffekt. 500 Jahre Protestantismus in der Welt. Painting, Print, Sculpture, Fotografie, Media Art, Mixed
11.03.2017 – 11.06.2017 Wiederentdeckte Moderne I . Friedrich Kiesler - Architekt, Künstler, Visionär. Mixed
09.12.2016 – 05.03.2017 Fotografien. Robert Doisneau. Fotografie
18.11.2016 – 12.03.2017 Reden ist nicht immer die Lösung. Omer Fast. Media Art
21.10.2016 – 15.01.2017 Bauen mit Holz. Wege in die Zukunft. Mixed
08.10.2016 – 09.01.2017 Der Britische Blick: Deutschland. Erinnerungen einer Nation. Painting
30.09.2016 – 08.01.2017 +Ultra. Gestaltung Schafft Wissen. Sculpture, Media Art, Performance, Mixed
16.09.2016 – 09.01.2017 Pina Bausch und das Tanztheater. Pina Bausch. Performance
16.07.2016 – 26.09.2016 Gegenstimmen. Kunst in der DDR 1976-1989. Painting, Print
01.07.2016 – 03.10.2016 Fotografien. Berenice Abbott. Fotografie
01.07.2016 – 03.10.2016 Fotografien. Berenice Abbott. Fotografie
11.06.2016 – 18.09.2016 Nature and Politics. Thomas Struth. Fotografie
12.05.2016 – 21.08.2016 No it is! William Kentridge. Painting, Media Art, Performance
12.04.2016 – 07.08.2016 Die Maya – Sprache der Schönheit. Mixed
09.04.2016 – 26.06.2016 Mach Dich hübsch! Isa Genzken. Painting, Sculpture, Mixed
19.03.2016 – 12.06.2016 Fotografien. Lee Miller. Fotografie
12.03.2016 – 06.06.2016 Störungszonen. Günter Brus. Fotografie
21.01.2016 – 16.05.2016 Kunst der Vorzeit. Felsbilder aus der Sammlung Frobenius. Painting

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